The Best All-inclusive Islands in Bali

The best all-inclusive islands in Bali
The best all-inclusive islands in Bali (Image courtesy: domikay)

One of the 17,500 islands across the Indonesian archipelago, Bali is located 8 to 9 degrees south of the equator. The island of Bali because of its amazing natural settings and rich cultural heritage, presents an amazing holidaying opportunity. 

Unlike most of the other islands around the world, Bali has more than beautiful beaches to greet you with. Along with sandy beaches, you have lush green mountains, hillsides, active volcanic sites, serene coastlines, breathtaking rice terraces, waterfalls and excellent examples of architectural marvellous creations. 

Bali offers a complete tour package with a varied range of activities as well as natural settings catering to different tastes and preferences of tourists coming from different parts of the world and belonging to different age groups.

Bali has pristine beaches offering romantic settings with moonlit walks in night and romantic sunsets to refreshing landscapes offering much needed break from hustle bustle of day to day lives.

It also has a great list of exciting water sports options promising some fun filled moments to culturally rich lifestyles and worth visiting temples in Bali to keep you engaged throughout your vacation.

This Indonesian Island is suitable to visit at any time of year and is well connected to other parts of the world. The Ngurah Rai International Airport in Bali is situated in the southernmost part of Bali on the west coast and has several flights connecting the island to the rest of the world.

Places of interest in Islands of Bali

Bali also has various waterfalls such as Gitgit Falls, Blahmantung Falls and Singsing Falls offering amazing opportunities to be with the fresh natural cool water.

Dense forests with rich flora and fauna along with botanical gardens in Bali, offers amazing scenic beauty and is nothing less than a paradise for nature lovers.

Apart from spending time with nature, you can also visit museums in Ubud, Sanggraha Kriya Hasta in Denpasar, Taman Werdhi Budaya, Taman Tirta Gangga Water Palace along with temples such as temple of Batubulan, Pura Jagatnatha, Kertha Gosa, Pura Tirta Empul, etc.

Temple ceremonies, local dances, Balinese painting and cultural festivals are quite interesting and worth experiencing at least once.

All Inclusive Bali Island Packages

If you are looking for something special and a memorable vacation, Bali can be the perfect choice. However, before finalizing your plans, you must be aware of the place, its customs and lifestyle as well as its popular attraction points. India to Bali Tourism provides you with all kinds of details about Bali so as to assist you in planning your dream holiday.

From the wide range of resorts in Bali to the activities you might get involved in Bali islands have everything to offer. Shopping experiences to the spas providing authentic therapies and massages, Bali Tourism offer you with information on all these and much more.

We with our excellent services and up to date information let you make an informed decision. Thus at Bali Island, we plan your trip with you taking into consideration your preferences and budget.