Where is Bali Located? | Bali Location on World Map & Distance

Where is Bali Located? | Bali Location on World Map & Distance
Where is Bali Located? | Bali Location on World Map & Distance (Image courtesy: artycial)

Most travellers who look for a culturally rich destination that is also easy on the pocket end their search with Bali. If you too are dreaming of holidaying in the verdant paddy fields and sun-kissed beaches of Bali, first have your basic questions answered.  We’ll begin with “Where is Bali located?”, and move on to some practical ways to make this vacation wish come true.

Bali has been the backdrop of many popular books, movies and tele-series. One sure wonders what this place hides that attracts so many tourists, influencers and slow travellers every year. Is it the hospitality of the locals? The visa-free access? Or the traveller-friendly cafés, resorts and locales? Let us understand the simplest facts first.

Is Bali a Country or a City?

While Bali is more widely known than even the country that it is a part of, it is not a country in itself. Nor is it a city. Bali is an island and a province in Indonesia – the largest archipelagic country in the world. Bali’s fame is astounding when you realize that Indonesia is made up of over 17,000 islands!

Is Bali a Muslim Region?

It is a commonly known fact that Indonesia is a Muslim majority country, with 87.2 percent of the population following Islam. However, the nation is secular and officially recognizes 6 religions, including Christianity and Hinduism.

In stark contrast, Bali’s history & culture leans towards Hinduism. There are more than 20,000 in the province of Bali, with about 83 percent of the population identifying themselves as Hindus. Nevertheless, owing to the secular nature of the province, people from all faiths are equally welcomed and respected. After Hinduism, Islam is the next most widely followed religion in Bali.

Where is Bali Situated?

Where is Bali Situated?
Where is Bali Island Situated? (courtesy: manish_tulaskar)

Bali is located in SouthEast Asia. Belonging to the Republic of Indonesia, Bali sits in the Lesser Sunda Islands, on the Java Sea. While the province of Bali includes the eponymous island, it consists of more islands that are smaller in size. Some well known islands such as Nusa Lembongan, Nusa Ceningan and Nusa Penida are part of Bali.

Considering the entire archipelago of the Lesser Sunda Islands as a whole, Bali falls in the western part of this region. Positioned in the southern hemisphere, this Indonesian province lies 8 degrees below the equator. Its specific position is 8.3405° South (latitude) and 115.0920° East (longitude). In a country that observes 3 different time zones, Bali follows the Central Indonesia Time or WITA which corresponds to UTC+08.

Bali Map from India

India to Bali Map
India to Bali Map

Bali is located in the Indian Ocean, same as India. However, this Indonesian province is very close to the Pacific Ocean. When starting your journey from India, you will have to travel in the south eastern direction to proceed to Bali. The total distance from India to Bali is about 5,000 kilometres.

Consisting of 9 administrative regions, the province sprawls over 5,780 square kilometres. There are 8 regencies and 1 city that form all the administrative regions of Bali. The 8 regencies are Badung, Gianyar, Klungkung, Jembrana, Bangli, Buleleng,Karangasem and Tabanan, while the city is Denpasar – the capital of Bali.

How to Reach Bali from India

Reaching Bali Indonesia from India
Reaching Bali Indonesia from India (courtesy: laurentiumorariu)

The most reasonable way to reach Bali from India is via air. At the moment, all flight connections have at least one layover, but the shortest flight time between the two destinations is 8 hours. All international flights arrive at the Ngurah Rai International Airport which is 13 km from Denpasar.

Airlines that fly from India to Bali International Airport are Garuda Indonesia – the national air carrier of Indonesia, Air India – the national airline of India, Spice Jet, Malindo Air, Malaysia Airlines, flydubai, Thai Lion Air, Biman, SriLankan Airlines, Emirates, Indonesia AirAsia, Qatar Airways, Batik Air, Cathay Pacific, Silkair and Singapore Airlines.

Indian cities that have frequent connections to Denpasar International Airport are Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Kochi and Ahmedabad. One-way fares can cost anywhere between INR 15,000 and INR 40,000 depending on the city of departure, time of the year and the duration between the booking date and the date of departure.

The Best Time to Visit Bali from India

Bali is a destination that can be visited round the year. Being a tropical island, it has two distinct seasons – dry and wet. While the dry season is from April to October, the wet season falls between November and March. In general, December is considered as the high season, albeit expensive. April to June is the ideal time for the best deals and less crowds.

Bali’ weather is mostly sunny, with temperatures hovering around 27 and 29 degrees Celsius. If you have a lot of outdoor activities to do in Bali on your itinerary, the dry season will suit better. However, most hotels in Bali offer the best discounts in the wet season.

Is Bali Good for Honeymoon?

Is Bali Good for Honeymoon from India?
Is Bali Good for Honeymoon from India? (courtesy: marina-vitale)

Undoubtedly, Bali is famous for the romance it offers to newly wedded couples. An excellent choice for honeymooners, this province lets you experience sandbank dinner dates, horse-riding at the beach, submarine tours in the ocean, sunset cruises and more while you stay at some of the finest resorts in Bali.

Bali honeymoon packages from India sometimes throw in complimentary treats such as a couple massage, a floating breakfast in your private pool or a water sport. Also, immersive activities like temple tours, walks through rice terraces and helicopter rides over Bali’s volcanoes can be bundled into your itinerary.

No Bali vacation package is complete without food. Apart from relishing Balinese cuisine, you can learn to cook in the traditional styles from local chefs who will help you understand the indigenous flavours of this Asian paradise. Farm-to-plate culinary experiences also let you shop for the ingredients before you enter the kitchen.

In a land where there are volcanoes, beaches, rice plantations, rocky enclaves and more, one hardly needs an excuse to visit. Upscale resorts, artsy cafés and a laid back vibe only make Bali more irresistible. Where is Bali located, if not in the hearts of those who cherish their vacations forever?